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" The most versatile adventurer in the world on its way info the future"

  its name is and remain alegend . " THE UNIMOG ".It started with 25hp
  and two power take -offs, and already had four -wheel drive, differential
  locks and portal axles . Thus it was able to operate a variety of implements,
  It was able to do it over any ground , and it was fast enough for roads or 
  motorway . this combination of features , unique to this day , was the ideal 
  solution both for various specialist tasks and for use on rough ground
  ( and absolutely unbeatable when both were involved ).

  New thoughts and ideas concerning tasks and applications meant new 
  Demands made on hydraulic , and driving characteristics , comfort in the
  Cab, instrument displays and controls . the result was a close cooperation 
  Between people who worked with a UNIMOG , those who developed 
  Implements for it , and those who manufactured it . that too is a reason
  For the legendary reputation which the UNIMOG enjoys all over the world .
  The new UNIMOG shows that we have not broken with this tradition 
  Completely reworked from the ground up , it combines the most modern 
  Technology with old virtues-the new generation of a legend . 
  The Mercedes-Benz UNIMOG has gained a secure place in a broad range
  Transport and wor solutions in all future-oriented branches of industry .
  With its high degree of versatility this tractor /work vehicle performs an
  Abundance of tasks in small , medium and large -scale industry for which
  a whole range of special vehicles would otherwise be necessary . The 
  Technical design allows the UNIMOG to transport enormous payloads in 
  In-plant use .
  With 3hp/tonne ,it may legally pull twice as a conventional truck and is not
  Subject to any sunday - driving ban . with top speeds of more than 80km/h
  The tractor has a multitude of potential uses ; in city traffic, and on public
  High-ways and motorways .
  Due to its favourate cost / performance ratio and low follow-up costs ,
  The low -maintenance and easy -service .
  "UNIMOG is always a profitable investment ."





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